NEW ! Pistachios are eaten all year round. So, to keep on enjoying them healthily, we launched our new -50% Salt variety with half the salt content of its Roasted Salted version. There is just the right amount of salt to enhance the taste of this delicious Californian treat.
Roasted to perfection with a touch of salt makes the Roasted & Salted variety irresistibly crunchy.
Perfectly seasoned & deliciously different with its delicate pepper flavour. Our Salt & Pepper variety is sure to spice up every snack occasion. Perfectly seasoned, Salt & Pepper pistachios are made for those looking for new culinary experiences.
A perfect mix of sweetness, crunch and tangy chili peppers creating a slightly spicy and irresistible sweet chili-pistachio flavour.
It’s pistachio flavour and nothing else. Pistachio lovers will appreciate the pure, unspoiled flavour of our Roasted No Salt variety. It is also ideal for those on a salt restricted diet.